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Anya Verkhovskaya

Class Experts Group, LLC

Milwaukee, WI 53092

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Anya Verkhovskaya is the President of Class Experts Group, LLC, a boutique firm that offers litigation support services with focus on data services in the area of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and class notice as well as consumer class action support services. 

Verkhovskaya has extensive experience administering some of the largest and most complex class action settlements in history, involving all aspects of direct, media and third party notice programs, data management, claims administration and settlement fund distribution.  

Verkhovskaya has been a pioneer in class member identification and location in TCPA and other consumer cases for purposes of class certification and effectuating notice programs. Verkhovskaya regularly provides opinions and testimony concerning ascertainability, class certification, notice adequacy and settlement issues in connection with TCPA matters as well as a variety of other types of class actions.  

Verkhovskaya has directed notice and/or settlement administration in hundreds of consumer, TCPA, civil rights, insurance, antitrust, ERISA, securities, employment, human rights, environmental and other types of class action and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fairness actions.

As a a court-appointed class action notice administrator, Verkhovskaya has led an effort that resulted in reaching out to individuals in over 109 countries, speaking over 80 different languages.

Verkhovskaya served as a notice administrator in the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation (Swiss Banks)—$1.25 billion settlement. Verkhovskaya played a key role in a worldwide Phase I notice that resulted in the processing of more than 500,000 initial questionnaires.

In Phase III, Verkhovskaya has led a programm that delivered notice to over 10,000 Jewish communities in 109 countries, and Verkhovskaya spearheaded the administration of the international help and call centers in Phases I and III that assisted more than 100,000 potential claimants.

Verkhovskaya created a class-appropriate notice targeting Romanies (Gypsies) in 48 countries and directed hundreds of staff to communicate orally and directly with Romani communities and individuals.

A.B. Data notified more than two million people, and as designated by the Special Master, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) directly assisted more than 22,000 Romanies in 17 countries of central and eastern Europe with claim completion. For the German Forced Labor Compenstation Programm (GFLCP), as designated by the IOM, Verkhovskaya led her staff to locate more than 43,000 Romani survivors in 17 countries of central and eastern Europe who were potentially eligible for humanitarian aid.

Verkhovskaya consulted the International Commission on the Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) on outreach strategies and oversaw notification of claimants and face-to-face Assistance programs in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Verkhovskaya devised and implemented the following activities in 25 countries of the region – claimant notification, community outreach/relations, publicity, translation, and numerous administrative, financial, and organizational tasks for ICHEIC.

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